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A Literary Expedition To Highlight People Worth Supporting And Places Worth Saving.

It all starts with a story. Not just a story – but a great story. The story of a person that deserves your support or of a place worth saving. We visit amazing people and places around the world, and then we share part of their story with you.

Then, if you choose, you can support these people and places by purchasing the rest of story for as little $2. So enjoy an amazing, inspiring story at the same time you are helping save the African lions, help employ more women in the Mara in Kenya, or brighten the day of a Syrian refugee through yoga.

Like all our stories, we will share the first page or two on the Walking The Earth site and then there will be the option to purchase the rest of the story to benefit a nonprofit – in this case Basecamp Foundation.

'Why Did The Lion Cross The Road?" is a remarkable short story was written by James Cannon Boyce in Kenya earlier this year. Not only will you enjoy the story, but the proceeds benefit the purchase of a critical corridor of land that will connect the award-winning Naboisho Conservancy with the Masai Mara National Reserve, offering lions, elephants and all animals safe passage.

For just $2, you will receive the story before anyone else does and, of course, you are welcome to contribute more.

So please - you can help us save Africa's lions and securing the corridor for only $2 by pre-ordering the story today. You can read the first part of the story here.

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Help Us Secure A Critical Corridor For Wild Lions In Kenya.

Your help is urgently needed to help secure a critical corridor of land that could be lost forever to development. Right now, on the map you'll see that that this land is up for sale - it is what animals, including lions, elephants and more, use to travel in safety from the national reserve to the conservancy.

Basecamp Foundation is raising money right now to try and secure this land.

Naboisho has one of the largest concentration of lions in the Mara, with a home pride in excess of 75 adult animals and this corridor is used by them to travel back and forth to the reserve. If this land is sold, it could be fenced, contain housing or other development.

By pre-ordering the story today, not only will you enjoy a remarkable short story about lions in Africa which was written exclusively for Walking The Earth but any amount you give will help protect lion habitat.

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