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Maasai Life Project

Basecamp’s Maasai Life project has collected documentary film, old stories and traditional Maasai dances on a DVD available at our destinations and for online purchase. The DVD is by far the best collection of its kind available in Africa today.

The DVD was produced by Basecamp Foundation in cooperation with a number of contributors, and consists of a documentary film about maasai culture, different video clips, including Maasai stories, dances, songs and safari experiences for the savannah, as well as glimpses from our projects.

The DVD is available at all Basecamp destinations, and can be ordered online by contacting: Revenues from sales go directly to cultural projects supported by Basecamp Foundation in the Maasai Mara.





Maasai Mara, Kenya


  • Document and convey Maasai culture.
  • Generate income for cultural activities.

Time frame:

Completed 2007

Partners and stakeholders:

  • Maasai Community
  • Basecamp Masai Mara

Support options:

Product purchasing

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