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Basecamp’s Ole Taek Tree plantation project was initiated as a focal point to mobilize the Mara community to fight climate change, as well as for reforestation and biodiversity conservation. Guests are invited to plant a tree – and they respond favourably. As did Barack Obama during his stay with Basecamp in 2006.

Since the inception of the project in 2001, Basecamp staff, visitors and community members have planted over 54,000 indigenous tree seedlings. Because of the success of the project, several camps and lodges around the Mara are planting trees in their respective compounds. In just over ten years, the project has become a demonstration site for seedling establishment, grassland management and reforestation.

Initiated around the Basecamp Masai Mara camp, through a partnership with the Ole Taek family, owners the ground, an open and degraded land area has been converted into an indigenous forest that captures carbon and protects the soil against overgrazing and erosion. A once arid area now provides a safe haven for over 230 bird species identified within Basecamp’s green forest.

thumb-17Over the years, the project has expanded to areas outside the land leased from the Taek Family. Today we plant trees in local schools and clinics around Koiyaki and Naboisho locations. To ensure long term benefits of this project as many trees as possible are going to be planted in schools, villages, centres and along the rivers.

The success of this project depends on a continuous supply of indigenous seedlings. To overcome this challenge, Basecamp has trained the maasai to take over the enterprise of growing seedlings, creating local entrepreneurs. The nursery produces at least 6000 seedlings each year, which Basecamp buys and plants in our tree plantation and neighbouring schools. Over 10,000 trees will be planted in 2010.

Basecamp guests and supporters are invited to contribute to the tree-planting, either directly – as Senator Barack Obama did during his stay with Basecamp in 2006 – or by donating funds. USD 25 is the total cost for planting and sustaining five trees through the first year of planting, after which the trees are almost guaranteed to survive. A fence has been erected around the tree plantation to keep off domestic and wild animals from destroying the trees. Our survival rate is above 80%.





Talek, Naboisho, Maasai Mara, Kenya


  • Reforestation
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • CO2 offsetting

Time frame:

Started 2001, 29 year lease on land

Partners and stakeholders:

  • Maasai community
  • Taek Family
  • Basecamp guests

Support options:

  • Guest contributions
  • Online donations

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