Basecamp Foundation

Conservation and Land Management


The land on which the Maasai people depend on for their livelihood is no ordinary land. It forms part of the immensely important Mara/Serengeti system in the shared border of Kenya and Tanzania that supports the great wildebeest migration – named recently as the seventh New Wonders of The World. To manage these vital lands, an integrated conservation and land management program that guarantees livelihoods while conserving the ecosystem is needed. Basecamp recognises this need and we have partnered with 500 landowners to form the Mara Naboisho Conservancy and conserve a 50,000 acre wildlife refuge.


Our land and conservation program includes:

  • Mara Naboisho conservancy
  • Big cat monitoring
  • Elephant monitoring

Our achievements so far are:

  • 50,000 acres put under conservation for 15 years
  • More than 100 jobs created in camps and for wildlife scouts
  • Economic empowerment through guaranteed monthly income for 500 landowners
  • 70 lions in Naboisho- one of the highest densities in the world

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