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HIV and AIDS Outreach Project

Basecamp’s HIV and AIDS outreach project includes awareness-raising in the community as well as among staff, comprising part of our wellness program – Biotisho – in the Maa language.

Biotisho has been developed to integrate all aspects of human health, including community wellness campaigns in partnership with Kenya’s ministry of health.

TMB_crewThe HIV and AIDS outreach program works closely with the Talek health clinic staff to expand the capacity in HIV prevention awareness and home-based care for the affected and infected community members. The effort of the Talek clinic staff is complemented by HIV awareness sessions around our new Naboisho Conservancy.

Our HIV & AIDS workplace policy has been developed and approved. It will guide our workplace and outreach HIV AIDS awareness program. All staff and Basecamp Masai Brand mamas receive wrist bands saying Basecamp Cares; workplace posters for staff and guests are placed within the camp compounds, and all staff receive a staff handbook on Basecamp HIV/Aids policy.

Our Tanzania-based partner Femina–HIP publishes printed material on different aspects of HIV/AIDS and healthy lifestyles – such as Chugua Maisha (Choose Life) aiming to equip people with healthy lifestyle skills including breaking the silence surrounding HIV/AIDS, reducing stigma and “living positively.” A special issue of the magazine portrays people and voices from Basecamp and Talek area.

Through our partnership with Femina–HIP, we have distributed information brochures in Swahili and English on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment; the brochures are to be published in the local Maa language as well. The material has been distributed to Maasai communities in and around the Masai Mara, and Basecamp’s peer educators have travelled to the communities to follow up with village meetings, discussions with women groups, consultations with workers in local bars, and school groups.

The feedback we get is all positive. There is an awareness of HIV/AIDS as a growing problem among the Maasai, but often a lack of available information and trusted contacts which whom one can consult with basic questions about prevention and treatment.

PROJECT UPDATE: Biotisho Sponsor Letter April 2011




Maasai Mara, Kenya


  • Reach out to local community the inform about HIV/AIDS
  • Engage own staff to responsible behaviour.

Time frame:

Started 2009, ongoing

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