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Basecamp’s Educational scholarship support project mobilises resources to support education with a focus on girls in the Talek area of Narok district in Kenya. So far, more than 40 students have benefited from the project, receiving education.

The scholarship support involves carefully selecting girls whose chances of escaping early marriage and dropping off from school are high, supporting their education through payment of school fees and provision of basic items. Most of these students are raised by single unemployed mothers or come from extremely poor families. Without this sponsorship project most of the beneficiaries would never have attended school. Owing to cultural practices, the project encourages enrolment of students in boarding schools to increase their chance of completing their primary school.

A part of the project is to encourage parents to allow their children to complete their studies – and for the girls to finish school. In so doing, we are also working with the sponsorship committee formed to organise motivational sessions. The sponsored girls are included in Basecamp’s wellness outreach program Biotisho, providing them with healthy lifestyle skills.

Among the sponsored students only 15% are in secondary school. Our intention is to raise the number of girls successfully managing their primary exams to be able to move on to secondary schooling. We will continue recruiting bright, local students who show commitment to their community and demonstrate leadership capacities to Basecamp higher education support program.

Today, demand for scholarships is much higher than we can meet, and the list of potential beneficiaries is growing. The cost of keeping a Maasai girl in school for a year amounts to about USD 300.

PROJECT UPDATE: Education Scholarship Sponsor Update April 2011 (pdf)


Talek, Maasai Mara, Kenya

Support young Maasai girls to enable them to receive and complete primary and secondary education.

Time frame:
Started 2001, ongoing

Partners and stakeholders:
Talek Maasai Community
Basecamp guests

Support options:
Guest contributions
Online donations

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