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Project portfolio

Basecamp Foundation is engaged in a number of projects within its five focus areas, mainly in Kenya and India – all part of our citizenship approach and community activity.

The Basecamp projects, in line with our basic philosophy and methodology are all based on partnerships, with the local community, with other concerned organizations – and with Basecamp guests and friends.

Furthermore, all our projects constitute parts of the holistic approach to sustainable destination development which we champion – and demonstrate in practise. Our community projects and activities are aimed to underpin our strategic ambitions as laid out in our mission and vision statements; leaving a positive footprint and being an industry showcase.

Altogether, we have initiated about 25 individual projects, most of which are still running; others have been completed, or have entered another phase, mostly incorporated into one of today’s projects.

Here is a list of some of our current projects in Kenya…


Educational Scholarship Support Project, Masai Mara Kenya

Koyiaki Guide School, Masai Mara Kenya

Lamu Boat Building School, Lamu Kenya


The Talek Community Health Clinic, Masai Mara Kenya

FEEMINIA-HIP a multimedia HIV/AIDS prevention initiative


Cheetah Project, Masai Mara Kenya

Naboisho Conservancy, Masai Mara Kenya


Plant a tree, Masai Mara Kenya


The Maasai Brand, Maasai Mara Kenya

The Maasai Life, Maasai Mara Kenya

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