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As a non-profit organization, we rely on donations to continue to support the projects we conduct in Kenya and around the world. To donate via paypal, click below. For larger donors, please contact

Investing: Will Enable Us To: For…
$15 Buy a Maasai life video and half of the proceeds donated to a Basecamp project.
$100 Hold one training workshop to build the capacity and competence of the Maasai Mara community.
$20 Buy one football or handball ball for students in one of the primary schools. 1 year
$50 Buy stationery for 10 children at Talek, Olesere, Loigero, Olkuroto and Nkoilale primary schools 1 year
$60 Buy two pairs of school uniform for one student 1 Year
$60 Buy a new desk for two students at Talek, Olesere and Oloigero primary school 5 years
$100 Pay the salary of a pre-school teacher 1 month
$250 Pay the salary of a primary school teacher at a local school (Olesere, Talek, Oloigero or Ilbaan primary schools) 1 month
$250 Educate a primary school girl or boy at a boarding school (fees and basic items) 1Year
$650 Educate a secondary school student from the community 1 Year
$2,300 Sponsor a safari guide at Koiyaki Guiding School 1 year
$ 1,000 Sponsor a local student through college education 2 years
$1,000 Buy one computer for students at a primary school.
$2,000 Support a student through university course 1 year


Support Naboisho Conservancy and help secure the Great Serengeti-Mara Wildebeest Migration and the Mara wildlife by sponsoring a hectare
$200 Pay the salary of one lion scout 1 month
$500 Pay the salary of the Naboisho Conservancy manager 1 month
$600 Buy a handheld two way radio for the community scouts 10yrs
$40 Adopt one hectare of land within Naboisho Conservancy 1 year
$40,000 Pay for a habitat unit (1,000Ha) at Naboisho Conservancy 1 year
$1,000 Sponsor the Mara Naboisho Cheetah Project 1 month
$800,000 Pay for 20,000Ha  land lease fees for Naboisho Conservancy 1 year


How You Can Support our Tree Plantation Project:
$ 25 Pay for 5 indigenous seedlings to be planted at the local schools and within the tree plantations 1 year
$100 Buy  2 rolls of chain link wire to secure our tree nursery against destruction by livestock
$2,500 Pay for a plantation of trees (500 trees) 1 year
$5,000 Secure space within one of our plantation and plant 1000 trees in your name. 1 Year
$ 10,000 Pay for establishment of an indigenous forest (2,000 trees) 1 year


How You Can Support Our Community Outreach Projects:
$500 Buy one TV set for showing educational films to the community in our manyatta and village outreach programs
$550 Pay community outreach staff salaries (2 maasai women) to distribute information materials with conservation, entrepreneurship, general health, governanance, human rights and government  policy messages 1 month
$250 Pay for community HIV/AIDS awareness outreach sessions, two awareness sessions, one testing and counseling session and one village health campaign weekly 1 month
$600 Pay the salary of a clinical officer at Talek or Olesere Community Health Clinic 1 month


And With a Larger Investment We Can:
$5,000 Build a classroom for 45 students at the local primary school
$10,000 Build a waterhole for wildlife within Naboisho Conservancy
$15,000 Build a dam for the community livestock
$25,000 Buy a reconditioned vehicle for scouts patrols within Naboisho Conservancy
$20,000 Drill a borehole for a local school and community
$50,000 Drill a borehole and supply water to a community of 2,000 to 4,000 people
$50,000 Build a community health centre

Donate securely through Paypal to Basecamp’s general fund here, or visit one of our project pages to donate to a specific project.

Basecamp Foundation USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donation’s made from the U.S. are tax deductible.

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