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Award Winning Conservation

Award Winning Conservation

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Congratulations to The Naboisho Conservancy as the Overall Winner of the African Responsible Tourism Awards 2016, from of a selection of 24 finalists nominated for the coveted position at the World Travel Market Africa conference in Cape Town this week.

Not only was Naboisho the Overall Winner, the conservancy also received recognition for its integral work on conservation in Kenya – receiving the Gold Award for Wildlife Conservation:

The judges recognised that these are two outstanding examples of how tourism can be used by conservationists to protect habits and species and to uplift local communities. Naboisho Conservancy has increased lion density and providing 142 jobs, secure income to 554 local Maasai households and further indirect benefits to around 10 000 local people.

To visit Naboisho in person, you can stay at one of the amazing lodges located in the heart of the Conservancy. Two known for their wildlife sightings include:

Porini Mara offers safaris for the true wildlife enthusiast who wishes to get close to nature and enjoy an undisturbed personal adventure with a knowledgeable and qualified safari guide.  Guided walks with Maasai warriors allow you to become engrossed in the African wilderness and track the footprints of the big cats and their prey.  Night game drives in safari jeeps provide an opportunity to spot the nocturnal civet cat and caracal.

And for the ultimate Migration Safari don’t forget to visit Basecamp Explorer. From mid-June to late November more than 1.5 million migrating wildebeests, zebras and antelopes scatter the vast plains of the Masai Mara, transforming the savannah into a place of dramatic action and a constant struggle for survival. The Migration Season is a time of prosperity for the predators of the Mara, who thrive on the vast amounts of available prey.

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