Basecamp Foundation

Our Strategy

At Basecamp Foundation we have defined the global challenges that are most relevant to our approach in building sustainable tourism destinations. In addressing these challenges, we have chosen three key pillars that make a decisive impact at the destination level:

  1. EMPOWERMENT of people and communities
  2. SAFEGUARDING ecosystems and climate
  3. CHAMPIONING responsible tourism

This is what we call our global citizenship approach. The challenges we have chosen to address are; the erosion of cultural identity and the loss of biodiversity, both intensified by climate change and poverty. These are universal challenges that we address at the specific destinations where we operate – our main geographical focus being on Eastern and Southern Africa and India.

We have also considered a major challenge in the tourism industry to be the dominance of exploitative, unsustainable practices and a lack of commitment towards responsible tourism. Moving the industry towards responsible practices, supporting sustainable development, is at the core of our activities. We want to make a measurable impact within the industry and, ultimately, at the local destination. Through strategic partnerships, global advocacy and extensive stakeholder dialogue we develop support for our three key pillars.

What sets BCF apart is our ability to develop broad partnerships between the tourism sector, governments, civil society and travellers – jointly providing ideas, expertise, and financial means. Our vehicle for creating change is responsible tourism. Through Basecamp Explorer, our own tourism operation, we aim to showcase best practice and deliver practical, scalable models for sustainable development. Basecamp is an innovative and inspiring idea of developing destinations by approaching tourism and society in a holistic way – challenging traditional concepts of sustainability, and of business.

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