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The United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) told us in their 2010 report that our ecosystems have been severely compromised in their ability to deliver what we have come to depend on as human beings. This is why one of BCF’s strategic interventions is to develop local management models that help safeguard ecosystems, climate and communities through long-term tourism partnerships. We believe in the principals of Payment for Ecosystem Services – that all resources have a price – and we have proved that our models deliver, not only conservation and development values, but also sustainable finance.

Our main achievement in this area is the Mara Naboisho Conservancy (MNC), which protects the environment and wildlife while providing local income and jobs in Masai Mara for years to come.

Our focus in the 3-5 years to come will be on:
  • Expansion of Mara Naboisho
  • Basecamp green villages
  • Conservation partnerships


Empowerment of local people and communities is a key element in making Sustainable Development happen. However, the concept of Sustainable Development has not been translated into action as much as we would like – practical models are lacking. Basecamp’s 14 years of working on the ground has lead us to an efficient approach which, is about creating added value and support to local communities by strengthening what already exists as traditional practices – making sure the outcome leads to local economic development and supports a green economy.

Our main strategy is to work through long-term partnerships within the tourism industry as an avenue for development of local entrepreneurship and financial sustainability.

Examples of Basecamp projects leading to sustainable income generation and job creation through local skills development are: Koyiaki Guiding School, Basecamp Maasai Brand, Lamu Dhow Building School – all in Kenya, and Sunder Rang in Rajasthan.

Our focus in the coming 3-5 years will be on: 
  • Local entrepreneurship
  • Financial education and training
  • Tourism and guide training


At Basecamp we believe that endorsed recognition is a valuable and respected way of expressing professionalism. Over the past 6 years, we have been awarded and nominated over 10 times by various international bodies for showcasing best practice and sustainability in tourism.

In the coming years we will continue to compete for recognition by putting forward practical solutions promoting responsibility and sustainability in tourism. Extensive stakeholder dialogue and international advocacy are our key methods for promoting responsibility in the tourism sector.

Through networking partners like; Clinton Global Initiative, Centre for Responsible Tourism, The International Ecotourism Society, Tallberg and the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism, Basecamp Foundation will take an active role in policy–making and promotion of practical models for building sustainable tourism destinations.

Our focus in the 3-5 years to come will be on:
  • Ecostorm (Basecamp advocacy)
  • Policy making in tourism
  • Best practice in tourism

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